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If you couldn't repair your rock chip in time and it has spread to form a crack, we may be able to help still.

long crack on a windshield

A long crack is a crack that extends for a significant length across the windshield. If performed correctly, long crack repairs are safe, affordable, and a great alternative to replacing the glass.
The goal of any repair is to save the windshield and avoid a replacement. You can expect the repair to look 70% to 90% better once repaired but can not be hidden completely. With over 12,000 windshields saved, we are experts in repairing glass, and our repairs look better than anyone in the industry.
A windshield will not lose structural integrity if a rock chip or crack is repaired correctly.

Strong and Safe Long Windshield Cracks

A repair performed incorrectly or with cheap resin can fail and require a windshield replacement. Guardian repair technicians are certified experts in glass repair. When we combine state-of-the-art technology, 5-star customer service, and a passion for what we do, the result is an experience you can recommend to friends and family. We guarantee it.
Our windshield repairs are the strongest and best-looking repairs in the industry. We exclusively utilize Ultrabond Resin, which has been proved to be stronger than new glass. All repairs are guaranteed not to grow or change for life. Please do not put your safety or your windshield’s structural integrity in danger by letting someone else repair it.

What are Some of the Pros and Cons of a Rock Chip Crack Repair?


Prevent the crack from expanding any further.

The damage will not spread once repaired, and the repair will last a lifetime.

Convenient and inexpensive.

Most windshield crack repairs can be repaired for a fraction of the replacement cost. Repairing a crack takes roughly an hour and may be done at home, the office, or any other safe area.

Repairing long cracks preserves the factory seal.

Replacing your windshield and removing the factory seal can cause several issues. Wind noise, rust, stress fractures, and even water leaks can be caused by improper windshield installation. Repairing the glass retains the original windshield seal.

There is no requirement for calibrating.

The windshields on modern model vehicles contain multiple sensors embedded in the glass. This is known as ADAS ( which stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Radar, lidar, cameras, computer imagery, sensors, networking, and other technologies are used to make driving safer. The following are some of the most prevalent sensors:

If repaired properly by a certified technician, a crack repair will not affect the windshield’s structural integrity.


As with any glass repair, we can not hide the damage completely. Numerous factors influence how a scar will look once repaired. The age of the crack, the amount of dirt or debris in the damage, and even the location will affect how it looks once repaired. Although we do our best to make the repair look as good as possible, our priority is to save the glass and restore the structural integrity.

Contact us today to see if we can still save your glass and avoid a replacement.

Cracks happen. Weather changes, using your defroster or A/C, or even parking on a steep driveway or hill can turn an easy fix into a costly replacement. We are experts in repairing cracks up to 24″, saving your windshield and money. If you could not repair it in time and the chip has now formed a crack, we can still help. Please text a picture of the damage to 408-772-7267, and we can let you know if your windshield can still be saved.

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Do not risk your safety or the structural integrity of your windshield by having a repair performed by anyone else!

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