Weather and Climate in San Jose California


San Jose, California is known for its great weather. The temperature is mild all year round, and it doesn’t rain as much as in other parts of the state. This makes San Jose a great place to live or visit. However, you should know a few things about San Jose’s weather before you come. For example, the summers can get pretty hot, and it can rain in the winter. But overall, San Jose has great weather!

Weather and climate in San Jose all year round

Average Temperature in San Jose

From June 6 to October 11, the warm season lasts 4.1 months, with an average daily high temperature exceeding 78°F. July is the hottest month in San Jose, with average highs of 82°F and lows of 60°F.

From November 26 to February 18, the cool season lasts 2.7 months, with an average daily high temperature of less than 63°F. December is the coldest month in San Jose, with an average low of 44°F and high of 60°F.


From October 3 to May 15, the rainy season lasts 7.4 months, with a typical 31-day rainfall of at least 0.5 inches. February has the most rain in San Jose, with an average rainfall of 3.9 inches.

The year’s rainless season lasts 4.6 months, from May 15 to October 3. July has the least rain in San Jose, with an average rainfall of 0.0 inches.

San Jose 2.5 inches of Rain



The average percentage of cloudy skies in San Jose varies seasonally. The clearer season in San Jose begins May 24 and ends October 26. The sky is clear, mostly clear, or partly overcast 91% of the time in August in San Jose. Cloudier weather begins on October 26 and lasts until May 24. In January, the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy 54% of the time in San Jose.

Santa Teresa County Park Clouds San Jose, CA



San Jose’s average hourly wind speed varies seasonally. From March 26 to August 22, average wind speeds are over 7.0 mph. San Jose is windiest in June, with average hourly winds of 8.0 mph.

Calmer weather lasts from August 22 until March 26. October is San Jose’s calmest month, with an average hourly wind speed of 6.0 mph.


There is an annual snowfall of zero inches in San Jose, on average. Annual snowfall in the United States averages 28 inches.

Snow is uncommon in San Jose, although the most recent snowfall to linger on the ground happened on February 5, 1976, when numerous locals reported as much as 3 inches (7.6 cm) on vehicles and rooftops around the city. At the official observation station, only 0.5 inches (13 mm) of snow was observed.

Weather in San Jose by Month

  1. January is a mild winter month in San Jose, California, with highs of 58.1°F (14.5°C) and lows of 43.3°F (6.3°C).
  2. February is a month with average temperatures of 59.7°F (15.4°C) to 43.2°F (6.2°C).
  3. March sees average highs of 62.2°F (16.8°C) and lows of 43.9°F (6.6°C) in June.
  4. April averages 66.7°F (19.3°C) high and 45.5°F (7.5°C) low.
  5. May averages 48.9°F (9.4°C) to 70.5°F (21.4°C).
  6. June has average temperatures between 78.4°F (25.8°C) and 53.2°F (11.8°C).
  7. July has average temperatures between 55.2°F (12.9°C) to 82°F (27.8°C).
  8. August averages 56.5°F (13.6°C) to 81.9°F (27.7°C)
  9. September averages 79.7°F (26.5°C) to 55.6°F (13.1°C).
  10. October averages 52.7°F (11.5°C) to 72.7°F (22.6°C).
  11. November averages 47.3°F (8.5°C) to 63.9°F (17.7°C).
  12. December averages 56.5°F (13.6°C) high and 43°F (6.1°C) low.

The Best Time to Visit San Jose, CA

The dry months of May to September are ideal for visiting San Jose. San Jose has a Mediterranean climate with dry summers and wet winters. Temperatures, on the other hand, rarely, if ever, fall below freezing. The city’s busiest months are July and August.

Check out the best San Jose has to offer!

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  • Downtown San Jose
  • Los Gatos Creek Trail
  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
  • SAP Center
  • Japanese Friendship Garden
  • Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph
  • Municipal Rose Garden
  • Santana Row
California Theatre San Jose, CA


Now that you know the weather in San Jose California, check out the best experiences that will guarantee you a great time in San Jose. We’ve got you covered. From restaurants to bars and apartments, our list will help make your stay a memorable one. Be sure to visit the best of what San Jose has to offer!

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